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Business to Business (B2B) companies are looking to deploy B2B Ecommerce platforms due to customer demand for online sales and service channels and to remove unmanageable internal pressure from mail order and paper processes. Even B2C systems can't meet the sophisticated demands of the B2B customer.

So why B2B Ecommerce platforms?

B2B Ecommerce platforms are designed to support the multi-stage, multi-user, multi-transaction relationships that typify the B2B International Ecommerce trading environment.

Important functional areas such as: extensive product lifecycle management, order management – especially bulk ordering and account management with bespoke price agreements and multi-step authorisations are all required to support relationships online from order, to payment to delivery.

Let’s have a look at some other reasons our clients have chosen a B2B Ecommerce platform:

  • Competitive pressure with more competitors offering multichannel sales and service for their customers.
  • Customers requesting both ordering and support to be made available online.
  • The need to automate processes across the business and supply chain to enable more effective and profitable decision making.
  • The need to reduce costs.
  • The need to increase revenues.

It’s not just our view of the world, leading Industry experts see extensive benefits for businesses adopting robust B2B Ecommerce platforms:

44% Online B2B Ecommerce executives saw an increase in average order value migrating offline customers to online. US B2B Ecommerce spend forecasted to be $560 billion in 2013, B2C Ecommerce only forecasted to be $270- $300 billion - effective B2B Ecommerce sites enable businesses to sell more at a lower cost.

Source: Forrester “The case for channel shifting Customers online” April 2013.

Here are some examples of how we have helped our clients – Sell more, better for less.

To identify how you can sell more, better for less, click relevant client logo to download full case study:

Increased revenues – Sell more

  • NG 54% increase in mobile revenues with 70% increase in transactions overall a 24% YoY increase
  • WOB Helping our client increase their turnover from 200k to over £12m within 2 years
  • MA Helping our clients increase product listings from 985 to over 14,000 in just 6 months

Improved Efficiency - better

  • WOB Reducing high warehouse costs by ensuring all stock available for purchase helping our client manage transactions in excess of 15,000 orders per day.
  • NG Instrumental in reducing the infrastructure costs for a leading brand through system analysis, reduced infrastructure and deploying a rapid test environment.
  • WOB We help one of our Wholesale clients manage over 1.5m SKU’s often exceeding 8m individual stock items at any given time.

Reduced costs – for less

  • Ziffit Enabling real time price checking of over 2m prices for Ziffit a leading book reCommerce site, increasing customer satisfaction.
  • MA 25% reduction in basket drop-outs within 12 months and increase in 10.9% of site uptime to 99.9% within months.
  • WOB Understand how we helped World of Books consistently achieve number one listing position on ebay, Amazon and AbeBooks. Achieved with a bespoke algorithm that in real time analyses and compares World of Books stock and the online marketplaces stock to deliver accurate pricing in under one second.