Business to Business Ecommerce and ERP System Integration
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So what is B2B Ecommerce and how does it differ from B2C Ecommerce?

Business to Consumer (B2C) Ecommerce sites enable consumers to shop, fast. Typically they include; easy to use intuitive web interface, basket, checkout, wish lists, rating and recommendations, promotions and merchandising as well as simplistic email marketing integration to keep customer base up to date with latest products and offers, the more sophisticated will include some real time stock item availability.

Open Plus's B2B Ecommerce platform has all this B2C functionality as well as the superior, more extensive Order Management, Product Specification and Cataloguing, Content & Information Management functionality coupled with extensive Business System Integration experience required by Manufacturer, Wholesaler and Retail B2B clients.

A robust B2B Ecommerce platform like Open Plus’s isn't just about transactions. It needs to manage complex part lists. Each part with supporting traditional and rich media content showing and describing each item in multiple languages.

Our clients and their customers want to monitor the Bill of Materials (BoM) or product assembly process to ensure accurate stock figures, whilst simultaneously managing the full order lifecycle from quote through to delivery and payment - every step across the supply chain.

To deliver this type of capability time and time again it takes experience, understanding and a robust platform with comprehensive functionality:

  • Account management & Authorisations
  • Order management - BoM or standard product - bulk orders & management
  • Product specification, cataloguing & lifecycle management
  • Content & information management
  • Multi-site support
  • Multilingual & Multi-currency
  • Self Service
  • Mobile access to all features & functions

And, of course, a team that is highly experienced integrating client back end systems such as Accounting, Warehouse & Inventory Management, CRM and Marketing Automation to name a few.

Let us help you bring your offline customers online, automate your process to enable your customers to have access to real-time stock, pricing and offer information whilst optimising your supply chain resulting in increasing your revenues and reducing your costs, simply contact us or book a free consultation below: