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Insite+ Analytics driving revenue and Ecommerce performance.

Open Plus deliver a number of Analytics options for our clients ranging from a simple datafeed through to a full managed service with business analyst support to help drive greater efficiencies, cost reductions and increased customer satisfaction.

Our core offering is InsitePlus, an advanced, web based analytics and reporting platform. InsitePlus is optimised for our Business to Business (B2B) Ecommerce platform however can be used with any Ecommerce or Order Taking platform.

It’s easy to configure, installed remotely, with a simple activation process to enable our clients to reap the benefits fast.

InsitePlus has an easy to use interface to allow non-technical users to get the information they need.

For more information on how InsitePlus can help you drive greater efficiencies and improve your marketing spend, contact our analyst team, now.

Click here to download our latest InsitePlus analytics datasheet.