business to business (B2B) Ecommerce Solutions & ERP Integration.
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Our clients are often looking to replace an existing Ecommerce system, replace manual processes or are under pressure from their customers to deliver a multichannel experience rather than purely offline.

Open Plus’s B2B Ecommerce Platform is feature rich and robust. Our teams have extensive experience integrating channels and client back end business systems and our comprehensive analytics across the platform ensure you have timely access to trends, stock, promotion success and customer behaviour to make important and timely business decisions driving your profitable growth.

Our approach to support and management is flexible and focused around client needs with choices of hosted or on premise solutions, 1st-3rd line support options available 9-5 business hours or 24/7 365.

For Open Plus, it is all about our client’s profitability, developing an integrated solution that meets their business and customer needs whilst delivering reduced costs, increasing revenues and improving efficiencies – we simply call this: helping you sell more, better for less.

"I highly recommend Open Plus to anyone looking for a high quality software specialist that gets the job done efficiently.”

Andrew Walker, CIO, Evoxus (InTechnology)