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Christmas 2013 is quoted as being the first truly Multichannel Christmas. House of Fraser saw a 57.7% increase in online sales. John Lewis, a Multichannel leader saw a 22.6% increase in online sales equating to 1 in 3 sales being online – all Retailers saw a dramatic rise in mobile commerce.

For the first time consumers left it late, shopping much closer to Christmas than ever before with 19th December the busiest in-store and online shopping day. In the UK Boxing day saw the highest retail sales ever!

This increase in online shopping exerts pressure on your Supply Chain and Distributors. UK Distributors City Sprint and Hermes have seen their busiest and latest Christmas ever, even delivering parcels on Christmas and Boxing Day!

On a daily basis we work with our clients to help them do more, better for less!

  • We help one of our Retail clients manage transactions in excess of 15,000 orders per day
  • We help one of our Distribution clients manage over 1.5m SKU’s often exceeding 8m individual stock items at any given time

Our consultants will analyse and understand your business then develop solutions which help you connect with your customers and drive more value from your Supply Chain to increase revenues, reduce costs and grow your business.

We’d love to conduct a free business consultation to identify where we can add value and help grow your business. Please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch soon!


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