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I want that little black dress, now!

Little Black Dress Open Plus Cartoon

Jan 20 2014

Picture the scene. It’s December 5th. The cusp of the party season.

Your top selling little black dress is so in demand that you’re sold out in-stores.

You only have red left in stock, but a container-load of the black ones have just arrived in your central warehouse in Dorking.

Customer after customer walks out and into your competitors, emerging with, perhaps inferior, black numbers that will “have to do”.

Sure, you might make the sale next year, but it’s a warzone out there and the walls are closing in. Rates are going up, the internet’s stealing sales, prices (and margin) are tumbling as competition increases.

Next year might be too late.

Now, imagine this.

Customer after customer come into your lightly stocked and, by now, smaller premises. There’s the little black dress they want but in red. Just the one. That’s deliberate of course – you always carry one of each size so that customers are guaranteed to experience the feel of the dress before they buy.

Your sales assistant suggest they try the red one on, now, in-store for fit and style then use the store iPad with an app set up, ready to go.

It fits well and feels great.

Using the in-store app, they can buy and arrange for a black one to be delivered to their home or office next day, or they can come back, try it on again and collect from store at any time in the next week.

What’s great is that much more information can be made available to customers such as it’s ethical! It has been manufactured in a fair trade factory in South America using sustainable materials. They can also online looking at dresses in many different lengths and colours.

Now, imagine you can do this in any store ...

Let’s look at a cookware store, you could allow your customers to check out the new Alessi homeware range without having to stock every item. Or every colour. The point of sale material is held in an app linked to your warehouse. It can carry limitless information.

Does the homeware range have a kettle or condiment dishes to match? They can find out in an instant and order there and then for delivery next day. Great experience, no need for them to lug it home or across town while they do the rest of the day’s shopping.

Imagine what that could mean for the size of your outlets. It’s conceivable you could have a department store the size of a department.

This isn’t Sci-Fi ... it’s Wi-Fi on a device of your choice and it’s here now!

Our clients The National Gallery and Antler already deliver a similar experience.

At Open Plus our ability to take stock and inventory or warehouse data then bring it to life in store, through low cost, off the shelf apps and nimble data streaming to the point of need, means almost anything is possible!

Why not let us talk to you about what we can do to help your data flow to your point of need. We derive insight from data to improve the online experience or vice versa - ensuring your business will be fit for the battles ahead and you will have happier more loyal customers.

To find out more, please click here or simply contact me, Andrew Sykes (CEO).


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