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Anna wants a little black dress for a Christmas party, she goes to her favourite Shop A. She can see different colours and styles of dresses, even the style she wants just not in black.


Anna visits other high street stores, no little black dress. Back at home, Anna checks online at many other shops and still can’t find the dress she really wants.


Innovative Retailers taking a different approach. Anna goes into Shop A in 2014, her favourite shop that is smaller and has less stock, she sees the dress she really wants but in red, she tries it on because she knows she can order and pay online in-store for the colour she want with next day delivery from their warehouse!


Anna is very happy, she has not had to waste time on the high street or online and can collect more loyalty points shopping at her favourite shop - Shop A, and her dress was delivered next day as promised.


Anna is so happy at her party, she has already been online and told everyone how wonderful shop A is, she is also telling everyone in person what a great service Shop A has.



This "little black dress" scenario is a simple consumer experience that Open Plus delivers which drives more revenues and happier customers.

It may seem illogical or fictional to think that smaller shops with less stock can deliver increased sales and customer loyalty as well as higher margins.

Yet it’s not illogical or fictional. At Open Plus we already work with some of our Retail clients delivering this kind of experience, today! Our ability to take stock and inventory or warehouse data and bring it to life in store, through low cost off the shelf apps and nimble data streaming to the point of need means almost anything is possible.

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